Patriot Skate Park

The Patriot Skate Park located on Underhill Ave in Yorktown is now open for bikes! Hours are limited to the following:

Bike-Only Hours

March 1 – November 1

  • Tuesdays: 12pm – 4pm
  • Thursdays: 6pm – dusk
  • Saturdays: 9am – 2pm
  • Sundays: 6pm – dusk

November 2 – February 28

  • Tuesdays: 2pm – 6pm
  • Thursdays: 12pm – 4pm
  • Saturdays: 9am – 1pm
  • Sundays: 12pm – 4pm

Important Note

If there are no bikers present during the “bike only” hours, skaters can occupy the park and vice versa. As soon as the dedicated activity is present, the non-dedicated participants must leave.

Use of this park is free! Please abide by the posted hours and or leave when skaters are present during the skate only hours.

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